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22. - 24. September 2017

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22-24 September 2017

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nuray turan

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nuray turanNuray Turan (Ergil) was born in Aydin, Turkey on 29.11.1956.

Her childhood, surrounded by nature, folklore and art history in the Aegean Region in Turkey, was inspirational in her decision to perform art.

After finishing primary school, she moved to Istanbul with her family.

She graduated from the Istanbul German High School in 1975.

Even tough her ideal was to study art at Istanbul Fine Arts Academy, she chose to pursue a degree in business management.

After successfully completing her studies at Bosphorus University Management School in 1979, Ms. Turan started her career in fashion.

She moved to Germany in 1980.

She focused heavily on her paintings starting in 1995. Since, she has displayed her paintings in numerous solo and joint exhibits.

She has been performing in her own workshop-gallery since 2006.

Ms. Turan employs different techniques in her paintings. As the artist strives to find a serene balance against everyday stresses of life, she commences her works without any restricting preparations and works with all her energy towards an unknown creation.

The artist, whose starting point is her memories of nature, folklore, and art from her childhood, reflects her experiences as a harmonious illustration of colors.

Yedi Eylül Primary School, Aydin
German High School, Istanbul
Bosphorus University, Istanbul / Management School
Worked as a marketing and design professional in fashion
RWTH Aachen University/ English Language & Literature and Geography Department
Köln University /Pedagogy, Sociology, History Department
Konstanz University / Language Sciences Department/German and Latin Language and Literature
1995 Artist/Painter


nuray turan
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