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nuray turanForemost, I perform art mainly because it soothes my soul.

The inspiration behind my paintings can be a drop of paint, a news story, a photograph, or a meaningful glance. After I start a painting, I don’t feel comfortable until the vision in my head is reflected on canvas. I am not looking for perfection in my paintings – I just want them to inspire feelings. The harmony of colors, a mysterious smile or a striking glance are the results I seek. When I paint, I find myself in the middle of many thoughts. These intense moments are sometimes good and at other times bad memories for me. This is why I go through periods of different dominant colors (like a period of heavy red followed by blue and then green).

In nature, colors coexist wildly without any boundaries – I want my canvas to capture them the same way and without imposing any ‘academic’ limits. All my paintings are unique – none of them are copies or are from models. They are the fruits of my imagination and experiences.

In my country where I was born, children grow up surrounded by history and ancient times. I grew up in Istanbul, where East meets West. This is why my paintings have subject matters ranging from an Anatolian woman to abstract scenes of New York.
My ultimate desire is for my pictures to provoke many thoughts in their viewers.

Everywhere in the world, there are unfortunately women who are still oppressed, abused, and without equal rights. I generally paint young and beautiful women who appear content with their lives. But when observed closely, their hope or despair is visible in their eyes.

In my paintings with covered women, I try to emphasize oppression. I view the medieval imposition of rigid dress codes on women - not just by Islam, but by all religions - not as religious rules, but as willful restrictions on women’s freedoms.
Everyday we come across many distressing events in this world like wars, suicide bombings, natural disasters, human rights violations, murders, etc. Unfortunately, I am not capable of stopping these tragedies. But I can express my reaction by premising some of my paintings on these current and social episodes: “September 11”, “Slippery Ground”, “Humanity”, “Cry for Help”, etc…

I condemn all acts of terrorism and violence against all countries or religions. My goal is to invite people who view my paintings at least to think about and discuss with others the problems I project. This way, we can defeat our fears and free ourselves from our prejudices, thus preventing wrong and dangerous steps from being taken.
Hoping for a better and more compassionate future world…

Nuray Turan

nuray turan
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